At Home Goat Milk Peel Enzyme

At Home Goat Milk Peel Enzyme

Goat Peel Enzyme formulated with milk.  This Goat Peel Smoothes skin texture and improves skin elasticity. Enjoy luminious inner skin within 1 minute. Helps to strengthen skin barrier while brightning and moisturizing. Quickly soothes skin. Great for sensitive skin.

3 Exfoliants. AHA- Soften dead skin  BHA- Exfoliates oliy skin PHA- Exfoliate and moisturizes.

How to apply: Apply Goat Milk Peel evenly to clean and dry skin avoiding the eyes,lips and neck.

After covering the entire face with the Goat Milk Peel wait 1 minute. If sensative wait 30seconds. Wash off gently with luck warm water then apply your own mositurizer or follow with Dr. Esthe Goat Milk Ampoule evenly onto skin for soothing and brightening effect. For extremely dry skin finish off with a cream of your choice. No downtime with this at home treatment. Not for pregnant or lactating women.